Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are you a Death Hag ?

I am.

It's a fascinating website. It recounts the final moments of movie stars and famous people, their last minutes and hours upon our earthly realm....last meals, last sensationalized glory of themselves, even in death.

And they die in many ways.

I realize this may seem bizarre and spooky to some, but I stumbled across it quite innocently and was intrigued by the in-depth detail provided by the investigator/owner of this site, Scott Michaels at, 5419 Hollywood Boulevard, #404, Hollywood, CA 90027 ...and NO, I'm not getting paid for this! His hard work deserves payment.

Watch out for the are warned of gruesome pictures...official coroner pics. Check out Ana Nicole - Kurt Cobain - Nicole Brown Simpson...there is a directory of famous names lined up for your curiosity.

Don't be shy.....

Each star is linked with their official death certificate, and on the lighter side, their home mailbox.

Because I have mentioned in the past (please don't read all my old stuff to find it) inside information of Gollywood in my town, it is because of the tragic death of his -a truly famous guy- girlfriend, and not because I'm EMO or some weird stuff...whatever the hell EMO stands for! And even though I have some artsy-fartsy stuff that may make you think otherwise...oh, grow up! A big clue is he is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to film......a HUGE remake of a HUGE oldie...need more....Klaatu

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